Hyundai IONIQ 5 FAQ


Q:  When will you be getting in an IONIQ 5?

A:  Global new vehicle inventory is low due to supply chains. The shortage is doubly felt by this brand new model. We currently have ten allocated to us for the next two months. All of these models have been pre-purchased by customers already.


Q: Can I order a specific IONIQ 5 model?

A: No. Hyundai used the verbiage “Build my Hyundai” on their Hyundai USA website, but this is misleading verbiage. Hyundai’s new vehicle production is determined by the manufacturer and the “Build” option on the website are designed to identify customer interest and attempt to connect them to a dealer who has the specific model in allocation.


Q: Can I just drive it?

A: This is difficult to answer. Because we are pre-selling a majority of new vehicles (and thus far, all new IONIQ 5 models), these cars have owners upon arrival. We are not letting prospective customers drive already purchased vehicles out of courtesy to their owner. The only way you can take a test drive is if we have a model on the ground that has not been pre-purchased. In truth, this is unlikely for some time due to the high demand on this model.


Q: What does it mean to pre-purchase?

A: Interested customers who want to pre-purchase an in-production vehicle make a $500 deposit toward a specific VIN. This will secure the vehicle for them. We will not take multiple deposits and it is a first-come, first serve basis. Upon making the deposit, the customer will be connected with a sales associate who will provide them with weekly timeline updates. The $500 goes towards the purchase (or lease) of the vehicle and is refundable should the customer opt not to proceed.


Q: What is the best way to stay notified of incoming inventory?

A: If you put in a lead form and respond to contact, you can be notified when we have a vehicle coming in and you will have the opportunity to reserve it.


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