Hyundai Warranty FAQ

Hyundai is known for offering “America’s Best Warranty.” Warranties provide cost assistance in the event mechanical problems (outside of maintenance) occur on a vehicle. A quick search on the web will yield several pages that have answers like these. Our goal is to provide answers to FAQs in one place.

Q: What does Hyundai’s new car, “America’s Best Warranty” cover?

A: There are several pieces to this warranty (such as roadside assistance), but core two components are:

  • 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain protection (for original owner)
  • 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty


Q: What is covered under powertrain?

A: This warranty covers repairs/replacement of select engine and transmission/transaxle components originally manufactured or installed by Hyundai that are defective under normal use and maintenance conditions. In general terms powertrain includes things like the engine, transmission, axels, driveshaft, and differential.


Q: What is covered under limited warranty?

A: This warranty covers repair/replacement of any component manufactured or installed by Hyundai that is defective under normal use and maintenance conditions. In general terms, limited covers things like radios. navigation, Bluetooth, paint, and air conditioning.


Q: What is the deal with original owner on powertrain warranty?

A: The 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty applies to the original owner of the Hyundai vehicle. According to Hyundai, the original owner is defined as “the first retail purchaser of the vehicle who took delivery of the vehicle on its first date of use. Immediate family members are not included in this definition.” If the vehicle is sold, the powertrain warranty drops to 5-year/60,000-mile coverage. The limited warranty is unaffected by ownership changes. It is always 5-year/60,000-miles from the date of original purchase.


Q: Is the Hyundai warranty transferrable?

A: This is a very common question. The answer is what is listed in the answer above. Once the original owner parts with the vehicle, the powertrain warranty drops to 5-year/60,000-miles from the original purchase date. The limited warranty remains at the coverage level. Hyundai will cover that vehicle under those time/mileage terms. You don’t need to take action to transfer the warranty – it stays with the VIN.

Example: if you are buying a 2-year old Hyundai with 40,000 miles on it. That vehicle’s powertrain warranty is 5-year/60,000-miles because you are not the original owner. This means for you – this vehicle will effectively have coverage for 3-year/20,000-miles.


Q: To remain under my warranty, where should I service my Hyundai?

A: Again we will quote Hyundai’s website for this. “To ensure your vehicle will remain covered by America’s Best Warranty, we suggest going to your Hyundai dealership at the recommended intervals prescribed in the owner’s manual.”


Q: Can I add coverage to my warranty?

A: This depends on the current condition of your vehicle: Dealerships (Planet included) provide vehicle service contracts to extend the protection provided by Hyundai. This is available based on the mileage/age/condition of your vehicle.


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