What is Hyundai Blue Link?

Hyundai Blue Link

What is Hyundai Blue Link Connected Car Service? Your new Hyundai vehicle comes equipped with the latest features to keep you connected on-the-go. Blue Link features are designed to make everyday tasks easier—whether you need driving directions or access to music and messages on your smartphone. Explore Hyundai Blue Link features in the guide below, and contact us at Planet Hyundai to learn more about innovative Hyundai technologies!

What Can You Do with Hyundai Blue Link?

So, what is Hyundai Blue Link going to do for your Denver drives? From customized cabin comfort to remote control functions, Hyundai Blue Link is designed with your everyday needs in mind:

  • Remote Start with Climate Control: Warm up or cool down your Hyundai vehicle’s cabin from afar with climate control-enabled Remote Start. Whether your car has been parked outside on a winter night or sitting in the sun all day, this is a feature you’ll appreciate all year round!
  • Remote Door Lock and Unlock: Whether you’re next door or miles outside of Lakewood, enter your PIN to remotely lock or unlock your Hyundai vehicle.
  • On-Demand Diagnostics and Alerts: Personalize the vehicle health reports you recieve, and get reminders when it’s time to schedule recommended Hyundai maintenance. Then automatically send the details to your preferred dealership by pressing the Service Link button in the rearview window.
  • Destination Send-To-Car by Google: Whether you’re looking for the best restaurants in Golden, CO or the best price for Hyundai tire service in Arvada, use voice commands to search for your destination and receive turn-by-turn directions.
  • Remote Car Finder: Can’t find your parked car? Hyundai Blue Link can track it down if it’s within a one-mile radius.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: In the event that your car is stolen, Blue Link can provide local law enforcement with its exact location—and remotely immobilize the engine until the vehicle is recovered.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance: Whether you need a jump-start or a new tire, Blue Link is standing by to dispatch roadside assistance to your location.
  • Geofence, Curfew, and Speed Alert: Set restrictions to keep teen drivers safe, and monitor the location and speed of the vehicle remotely.
  • Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance: If the airbags deploy in the event of a collision, Hyundai Blue Link automatically calls for emergency assistance. You can also do so manually by pressing the “SOS” button 24/7, 354 days a year.

Learn About Hyundai Blue Link with Planet Hyundai

What is Blue Link going to do for your local and long-distance drives? Contact us or stop by our Hyundai showroom in Golden—and find out how these innovative safety and convenience services will change the way you drive in Westminster and beyond! While you’re here, we’re happy to tell you more about Hyundai technologies like HomeLink and Smart Cruise Control.

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