How to Use Online Shopper


Have you ever dreamed of buying a new car right from your own home? The moment has come! Find and buy new or used cars for sale in Golden using Online Shopper. Read on, and find out how you can use it to buy a car entirely online.

What Is Online Shopper?

Finding, financing, and purchasing a vehicle online from Planet Hyundai is simple: Online Shopper is the first car-buying platform compatible with laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet that uses real-time inputs to help you find the best financing offer, no matter your credit standing, that meets your needs for used or new vehicles near Denver. Online Shopper asks questions designed to locate a custom new or used car deal for you within just a few minutes from Planet Hyundai.

Using Online Shopper to Buy a Car Online

Just follow this easy procedure to use Online Shopper when you go looking for a Hyundai online in the Lakewood region:

  1. Select Your Car: Search our online inventory, and pick a new vehicle or used vehicle. Then select “Explore Payment Options.”
  2. Answer Questions: Respond to the Online Shopper queries regarding your driving habits, potential rebates, and credit score. Online Shopper responds with a personalized offer.
  3. Trade-In: Provide details about the year, make, model, and condition of your current vehicle if you’re trading in a car.
  4. Down Payment: Report your target down payment – no promise to pay is made, just used to create a finance offer.
  5. Choose Finance Terms: Select your preferred finance terms, and get a finance offer based on all of the previous information you’ve provided.

Finalize Your Online Car Purchase

Once you’ve replied to Online Shopper’s profile, finalize your purchase simply and easily:

  • Credit Application: Complete a credit application, and follow the Online Shopper email that directs you to finalize your purchase. Planet Hyundai will contact you should you decide not to finish.
  • Final Terms Sheet: Monthly payments and an approved interest rate are included on your final terms sheet. Protect your purchase with a warranty or accessories before receiving a definitive payment plan.

You’re All Set — Pick Up Your New Hyundai Car!

The only step left to take is scheduling your vehicle’s pickup in the Arvada area the minute you finish your purchase and review your final payment plan. On pickup, you’ll make your down payment and sign the financing agreement, right here in Golden.

Once you’re here, our on-site team will cover any other questions you might have about your new or used vehicle. Still have questions about how Online Shopper works? Contact us! Our Hyundai specialists are always happy to help.

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